Parking Management for Residential Properties

Landlords and condominium owners choose Advanced Parking because we have the specialized expertise, personnel, and systems necessary to meet the unique needs of residential properties.


We take care of all the small (and large) details, making sure access devices are carefully distributed and tracked, deposits are collected and recorded, unauthorized access is prevented, and space is optimized, so you don’t have to. With our comprehensive parking management programs, we turn mere parking facilities into parking assets for our residential building and property managers.

Revenue Maximization & Tenant Satisfaction

With increasing operating costs, landlords and building and property managers are looking to Advanced Parking to generate revenue from their residential parking spaces without compromising tenant satisfaction. With Advanced’s dedication to superior service and proven operational expertise, we deliver parking management that is sure to please landlords and residents alike.

We employ several strategies to help you make the most of your parking asset and deliver a positive experience for your tenants, such as:

  •  Providing payment systems and amenities for visitor parking, generating significant revenue and offering a convenient parking solution to residents’ guests.
  •  Converting available space during low-occupancy hours into additional revenue without inconveniencing tenants or compromising building security.
  •  Developing a secure “nested” parking area for residents, providing a card-accessible, overhead gate as a barrier between the public and the owner/resident parking areas. This allows visitors to easily access the pay parking area, while tenants/owners/residents have a secure, access-controlled zone for their vehicles.

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