Parking Services for
Commercial Properties

30+ Years of Parking Management Excellence


Our portfolio of commercial real estate properties has been the cornerstone of our success for more than three decades. Our client- and customer-centred management approach makes us an ideal partner for commercial real estate developers and managers, REITs, and property owners who demand the very best for their tenants and visitors.

No matter the size or complexity of a parking facility, Advanced Parking is able to meet every operational challenge using a full range of gated and ungated revenue control systems. We are an effective parking solutions expert with considerable experience successfully implementing pay parking where it didn’t previously exist.

Advanced Parking develops customized offerings in response to the specific needs of clients and their facilities. Our parking services agreements typically fall into one of two categories:

Leases – featuring a fixed base rent and participation rent

Management – featuring fixed fee or “cost plus” arrangements with full expense reporting

Our depth of resources, extensive in-house capabilities, and skilled operational staff ensure that client goals can be met every time while our modern, customer-focused systems and services make parking easier than ever.

We Engineer Value!


Commercial property owners and managers require tailored solutions to maximize the value and profitability of their unique parking assets. Advanced Parking works collaboratively with clients to develop the best solution for each parking facility, taking the needs of tenants and their customers into consideration wherever necessary. With a proactive and innovative approach to management, we don’t just respond to trends, we set them.

Advanced Parking presents   a turnkey plan that includes:

Inventory optimization

Creative maximization of usable space

Enhanced signage and communication

Forward-thinking customer service improvements

Electric vehicle charging stations

Car sharing

Self-serve, complimentary care-car amenities, etc.

Alongside creative problem-solving and innovative service solutions, the Advanced Parking approach embraces data-driven decision-making. Area rate surveys and continuous analysis of lot potential, occupancy loads, parking profile, peak hours, and demand ensure that every parking facility we operate achieves its maximum potential.

Customized Parking Programs
With today’s diverse user groups, commercial property owners and managers need a responsive and innovative parking operator that can deliver a competitive edge in the increasingly fierce battle for parking customers. As experts in the management of commercial parking operations, Advanced Parking makes it our mission to deliver new and innovative services that will attract and retain your parking customers.


In today’s highly competitive landscape, maximizing site-level value requires a thorough understanding of your local market and a robust multi-faceted plan to attract and retain revenue sources.Advanced Parking customizes our marketing efforts for each site, updating regularly in response to changes and fluctuations which may impact the site or bring additional opportunities.


Advanced Parking’s loss prevention department deploys industry-leading measures, including operational and revenue profiling, to ensure your revenues are safeguarded at all times. We collect  nearly $1.5 billion dollars on behalf of our clients annually. You can be confident in Advanced Parking’s ability to account for, report and deliver every dollar we collect at your site!


Providing exceptional service is an art form requiring time and commitment in order to deploy successfully. Advanced Parking’s investment in to our service-delivery program is unprecedented and starts with our vetting and onboarding process. Our multi-layered hiring process ensures that only candidates who share our passion for service are advanced to the next step; our robust training platform. This e-learning platform is infused with key elements of The Ritz Carlton and the Disney Institute. It’s one thing to talk about exceptional service, it’s another to rewrite your DNA around it!

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